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Entry #1

Who likes Pikachus?

2013-05-14 13:00:59 by Zandolaf

I do, and i think you would like them more if i anthromorph one up a bit, give it some breasts and some curves, oh look, i think this one ate and hourglass, the hips are sticking out just right...

Stay tuned for more boobies and wang doodles!


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2013-05-15 04:56:31

A work in progress? :P

Zandolaf responds:

Oh yes, it is a work in progress because i do not have my laptop,

i am using my Grandma's Computer for Drawing, it works really great,

it ain't like those crappy monitored computers, it is 2 T.bytes & Flat Screened Plasma HD,

big screen for drawing big as well, now that her boyfriend got back from his trip, i can barely get on...

But this piece i am doing of an Anthrofied Pikachu, ugh, so sexy. :P


2013-05-15 12:52:16

I admire your grandma! My mom barely knows how to use a computer, my grandma doesn't even really know what computers are. It's a big age gap. :P How many inches is that flat screened plasma HD?

Zandolaf responds:

Not sure, but it is pretty good, it's like the size of an average small plasma TV.