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Who wants to see some Rayman Fan Art?

2013-05-16 14:15:09 by Zandolaf

Today, I am drawing Rayman, Ubisoft's most beloved star, my childhood hero, so many years past since i got the chance to play the series and now i own Rayman 1, 2, 3 HD, Origins, i am still collecting them on the PSN Store.

Rayman 2 on the Play Station is not as good as the one for the N64, sorry, because Nintendo new how to make graphics back in the day and Rayman 2 is still detailed, painted with the colors of our world's imagination.

I need to see what Rayman 2 Revolution is all about on the PSN store.

Maybe it is a revamped version of it, maybe it is more extended, who knows.

Rayman 2 The Great Escape scared me around the dark levels with the Swamps, Lava Temple & That Graveyard looking level with spiders, broken ships, tunnels, when i was little, that level scared me most and it made me die so many times because of it's horror style.

The game had some detailed darkness, brilliant theme to the name of this game.

Sit back and hopefully you get to see what i did!

Stay tuned for more boobies and wang doodles!


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2013-05-16 16:09:43

Rayman Revolution is just that copy with more content. I liked it to be honest. Gave me more story time and less choosing another game to play after I beat it.


2013-05-16 16:10:14

Oh and about those boobies :D

Zandolaf responds:

I wish to draw more boobies, but i need to chill out on the libido, it fuels me to draw perverted things.

As for Rayman Fan Art, I am trying my hardest to get everything in order, this will be my first time using Foliage.


2013-05-18 14:14:04

Rayman with boobies?