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All I wished for...

2013-09-10 23:48:34 by Zandolaf

...was to have a partner whom would never lie, cheat, or disrespect me, for I wouldn't ever do the same back.

My other wish was to be able to draw/create anything I loved most.

That last wish has been completed. one seems to like who I really am, i like/love as if i loved that person from the day they were born, when i love, i care, share and i try my hardest to tell that person, i am not like others, i am one and i wish to be one with you.


This world is too corrupted and unfair for me to provide love for thee.

This may sound like a repeat from you other humans, but no, this is real.

I get jealous seeing others do things, it breaks me every day to see everyone have love lives, i could just be friends, but when i see you kissing, hugging, fucking another, it some how breaks me...

'YOU' are unfair to my existence, for you will never reach my match in this universe and beyond, you maybe smarter and twice as good, but you will never have my heart of diamond, because your existence is too corrupt for mine.

End of Story.


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2013-09-11 01:59:53

Not lying, cheating, being disrespectful is the basis for a platonic relationship, not necessarily a romantic one. Maybe as your current self, you lack the qualities that a partner desires in a relationship. I have accepted that I have that problem a while ago, that I'm just not compatible with women in a romantic way. some times I feel like I have a hole in my life, other times it's liberating to not have those feelings and reach wizard status.

the second wish is a lot to ask for. Cherish that you have that ability, until you realize that you aren't able to create absolutely everything, as no one is perfect. If I could make just 25% of the music ideas that I have in my head, I would be dancing naked in the streets.